Accept and Acknowledge

It’s that time of year again, where the motivational pull to be responsible is stronger than ever.  New Year’s resolutions are being made and everyone is rushing to the gym. Even though “eating better” and “exercising more” are among the most popular goals at the beginning of the year, there is another thing people strive to do better.  According to YouGov, the online polling firm, saving money and paying down debt are just as sought after goals as living a healthier lifestyle.

While in the past, we at KLS have written tips and tricks for accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, I want to change things up this year. I mean we can’t very well change the face of collections (or change the world for that matter) if we repeat the same habits every year, right?  So I thought to myself, what happens to everyone’s goals for the New Year?  They pretty much die out by Valentine’s Day and we are all back to the same lifestyle we know and love.  So here is where I throw a wrench in it.  KLS Financial and the Planting Seeds blog are starting a series.  Let’s call it the ABC’s of Financial Freedom.  Throughout the ENTIRE YEAR, we will post tips and tricks for accomplishing those financial goals!

KLS Financial Services is well-versed in helping people pay down their debts and we are here to help you do the same.  So let’s start with step one for the year: Accept and Acknowledge.

Accepting the situation you’re in is probably the most important step, no matter what resolution you set. If changing your financial future is your goal, start with accepting the present.  It’s a new year, so pull your credit report and get a good grasp of your starting point.  Credit Karma is a great resource although it currently only shows two of the three credit bureaus.  For a full (and FREE) report, you can go to your bank and have a representative pull it for you.  You can access your report at no charge once a year, so take advantage of the New Year!

No matter what it is or how extreme, acknowledge where you are on your financial journey and we will work together on improving from there.  Stay tuned for more financial tips and tricks to help you stay on track all year long. Happy New Year!

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