Getting Groceries vs. Going Out

Hypocrite Alert!!!! Full disclosure, I am so bad at this!  When it comes to giving advice on “what not to do,” sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find things to share because I am not perfect.  So far from it, actually!  This week, I want to talk about something that I struggle with and that is choosing to go to the grocery store instead of going out.

To start, I am young, single, and child-free.  My issue usually revolves around timing.  I work so much that the thought of going grocery shopping is so daunting, I convince myself not to go.  However, thanks to a few new expenses (hello new car and new home…who says millennials don’t commit), I’m having to reallocate my budget.  This week’s advice comes from little to k”NO”w experience.  I want to learn and grow together this year so here are the steps I followed in hopes to get myself to grocery greatness:

  1. Compare current expenses and decide where you want to be. The first thing I did was look at my bank account and add up how much money I spent this month on food.  Now out of pure embarrassment, I’m not going to say just how much money I spent going out, but it was too much.  Looking at your spending history can help give you a place to start and know where to implement corrections.
  2. Find out what you need. After realizing just how much money I was spending on the convenience of not having to cook for myself, I took some time to reflect.  I made a list of all the reasons I choose to go out/order in rather than cook for myself.  It looked like this:  no time, hate grocery store.  I only had to change my mindset on these two things.  So I reflected on ways I could combat that list.  I looked up 30 minute meals or less, flagged websites like and found quick, easy, and healthy recipes to make from home in short periods of time and with minimal clean up.  As for the actual grocery shopping part, I decided I hated the grocery store mainly because the parking lot is always packed and the lines are too long.  So I have a new plan to go grocery shopping late at night on a Sunday when the least amount of people are out.
  3. Implement Change! Now, I prefaced this whole thing by warning you that I am so bad at this. So I have challenged myself to implement change based on the reflections above.  I have no stats on this as this is brand new for me.  So challenge yourself with me!  For 30 days, let’s see if we can do this together.

My goal for the month of July will be to cut my food budget in half.  This may seem extreme for those of you that don’t spend as much on food as I do, so make your goals to fit your needs based on your individual spending habits.  While I may be able to advise you on cleaning up credit reports and helping you with budgeting, I have things I need to learn too.  What better way than to learn and grow together.  Good luck on this month’s challenge and stay tuned for the next educational blog all about HSA cards!

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