Understanding the Upside

The concept behind the ABC’s of Financial Freedom has become more and more difficult as we get toward the end of the alphabet.  I mean coming up with a topic related to finance that starts with X will be an interesting challenge.  We customize our writing around the current theme and really dive in to topics we think will benefit our readers and the consumers we work with every day.  This week, the idea behind our blog comes from our Operations Manager at KLS.  In passing conversation, he mentioned having a cool tip for our blog; the Get Upside App. #notsponsored!

This app is nothing new, apparently.  While new to me, it was gaining buzz in 2016 as an up and coming, innovative way of exploiting the already existing competition between gas stations.  So let’s explore how it works and how it can benefit you:


When you first download the app, it requires you sign up.  It asks for a promo code (you can use mine JESSICA35473 for a 15 cents per gallon discount) and asks you to choose your gas grade.  Once you finish this set-up, it will show you all the gas stations nearest you and the price for your chosen gas grade.  If you’re like me and always choose the gas station with the lowest price, than this app may be perfect for you.

On your first fill up, you can claim your discount, if you used my promo code, and start earning cash back right away.  When scrolling through the gas stations, it shows you just how much you can earn for each gallon.  I will say, I’ve noticed that the higher priced gas stations give you the most cash back.  All you have to do to earn your money is scan the receipt using the camera on your phone.


The biggest benefit…you earn money for doing something you have to do anyway.  Each time you fill up, the money you earn is definitely no fortune, but it does add-up.  You can cash out anytime, and there are no limits to how much you can earn.  You also get perks for referring friends, which is why I shared my code.  We’re friends right?

We’ve talked in previous blogs about the many ways we can all make a little extra cash each month, and this is just another option to add to the list.  It takes minimal effort, and we all need to fill our tanks any way so why not?

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