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In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week’s blog will feature even more testimonials from our wonderful employees! Our mission with the past two posts is to not only continue changing the face of collections, but to also put a few names to the face of collections. We know it may get a bit tiring to read the same commendations from myself and my co-blogger each week, so today we’re featuring a few fresh new perspectives and voices!

“I am thankful for many things at KLS. The biggest of all would have to be the people that make up the company. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and dedicated, and they help to make this place more like a home rather than a job to come to everyday. I am thankful for the new office space we are about to move into, the company  gatherings we do, and for the feeling I get every time I help someone on the phone and they sincerely appreciate it and let me know how much it meant for us to take the time to work with them. I am thankful that I lost my last job so I could find this one.” –Brandi, KLS Collections Manager

“I’m thankful to be a part of KLS because it’s a flexible job with a good co-worker atmosphere and everyone seems to get along well.  Also it isn’t very corporate, more corporate jobs usually have lots of rules and regulations etc.  You are, in a way, your own boss with the collections position and I appreciate that.” –Ryan, Change Agent

“I am very grateful to be working alongside a wonderful group of people at KLS. KLS has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and to help others every day. We are a team here but we are also a family, and I will always be thankful for that.” –Shelby, Administrative Assistant

“This will be my first Thanksgiving with KLS Financial, and I wanted to take the time to vocalize my thanks for this company. I am thankful for the opportunity given to me upon being hired. Not only was I hired to such a caring company, I was also blessed with meeting people that I am sure will be lifelong friends. When I think of KLS, I think of Kind, Loving, and Supportive. That has been my experience at KLS so far.” –Ashten, Change Agent

“I am thankful to KLS for giving me the means to provide for my family.  I think the biggest reason I am thankful for KLS is because I love what I do.  I love coming to work and interacting with my colleagues.  This company has given me the opportunity to do what I love for 7.5 hours a day – there aren’t many people that can say that, but I sure can and I am very proud of it. “–Sharlene, Senior Revenue Specialist

“I am thankful for the awesome people I work with. I came from a very toxic and cliquey work environment previously and since working here I’ve been accepted for who I am and treated with so much love. Everyone here is so caring and hardworking; you really just fall into place here and become family. I am thankful we are about to move into our cool new space and have more room to grow! This is my second Thanksgiving with the company and I can’t wait for many more! LOVE EVERYONE and the relationships I have formed.” –Jessica, Change Agent

As you can see, KLS is a company full of gratitude. From our CEO to the leadership team to our change agents, we are all immensely grateful for each other – for the unique skills and viewpoints each individual brings to the team, for the relationships we have fostered with our clients, and yes, for our consumers! Every call that reaches our office presents us with the opportunity to help, to educate, and to hopefully give someone a reason of their own to be thankful. Before you succumb to your tryptophan-induced food coma, let all of us here at KLS wish you a safe, healthy, and very happy Thanksgiving!

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