Kudos for KLS

Not to pat ourselves on the back here, but we have 2.7 stars on our google page!  I can hear the angels singing and the crowds cheering now.  You are probably wondering why 2.7 out of 5 stars is worth the excitement.  In our industry, i.e. debt collections, people don’t like us (I know, SHOCKING) and we get a lot of negative reviews.  With a preconceived notion that we are the bad guys, people interpret some of our nicest representatives as villains and aren’t afraid to go tell the internet.  That said, being a collection agency with 2.7 stars (where the average is 1, yes 1 star) is worth celebrating!

I preach about how we are here to help the average consumer, and sometimes I’m laughed at when I say this.  So rather than taking it from me – as I suppose I could be biased – I want to share some of the positive reviews we’ve received.

“I had a debt that I called to find a settlement deal as required before I can enter the military. I spoke with Maryellen, told her my situation, what I could afford and I would like to settle the debt. Maryellen and KLS negotiated with their client whom I owed a debt too and they were able to get me the settlement I desired within a week. As if that wasn’t great enough service, the KLS team went above and beyond further to expedite my paperwork and submit my account closure to the credit agencies to update my credit score within 30 days – guaranteed! This was the most pleasant and respectful debt collections agency I have ever dealt with (I’ve had 4 others previously). Thank you to Maryellen and the KLS staff for the professional and compassionate services you provided for my inquiries! You changed my career and life in a more positive light!” – 5 star Google Review

KLS does a lot of charity work for veterans and do all we can to support our troops, first responders, and also educators.  However, this type of treatment is standard among all of our consumers.  We can’t wipe away your debts completely, but what we can do is work with what you have and get the best possible outcome for both you and the clients we service.

“[The representative] was so helpful and so nice and not only made me want to pull over and get a credit card out of my pocket..but she made me want to pay it.  I guess that’s the biggest compliment I can give her.  She was just so friendly and I know how people are mean to people like her just trying to do her job…but she kind of made my day…” – Review received by supervisor

This is actually one of my favorite reviews, not just because I was the supervisor who took the review, but because this consumer could not stop raving about how nice we are.  I was in tears by the end of the call, just hearing about how his experience talking to someone in our office made his day that much better, regardless of who we are or what we do.  Truly shows we are succeeding in our fight to “change the face of collections”.

I could go on and on with testimonials we’ve received, and we are getting so many that we created a permanent page to show other consumers that they do not need to be afraid to call us.  WE CAN HELP YOU!  Ok, sorry, shouting at you probably won’t convince you we are friendly; but trust me, we can help.  Give us a call today and let us prove it to you.

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