Questions about our Quality

Quality of service is a widespread topic in most businesses, no matter the size.  How can a company maintain consistency in quality to retain customers and grow the business?  Now being a collection agency, we have a difficult time proving that we have this consistency in quality with the consumers we work with, because our title alone leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some of them.

In our journey through the ABC’s of Financial Freedom, we’ve addressed our growing rating on google reviews (YAY, 2.7 stars!), our A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and even our recent award of Best Place to work in collections.  We’ve also shared testimonials from consumers we’ve worked with, who can feel the positive impact we are trying to make in the way we conduct business.  These are continuous affirmations for us that our quality is being improved upon.

Our managing director, Kim Stone, spoke today in front of a room of business people on what makes our company stand out among the rest.  Her words inspired this week’s blog (not to point out I waited till the last minute to write one).  So in the vast sea of collection agencies, stereotypes and all, how can we stand out to both our clients and consumers; and how does this relate to the blog and our tips to financial success?

At the end of almost every blog, for our few avid followers (hi, mom), there is a theme.  Don’t be afraid to contact us!  We can’t make your bills go away.  We can’t write off your debts or our own.  What we can do, is make paying bills easier.  We can treat you with respect and work with you on the best possible (and reasonable) solutions.  We hold credit reporting as long as possible to give our consumers every chance to pay and we have unique ways to help clean credit if it does happen to get to that point.   That is the quality of service we can provide our consumers.

When we are asked what makes us stand out, I always bring it back to how we treat YOU.  As we repeatedly say, we are YOU, in every aspect of the phrase.  Every agency has a similar tactic for collecting successfully for their clients, but can every agency say that their tactics include the consideration of benefiting the consumer?  If you received a call from us regarding a past due bill for Dr. John Doe, and by the end of your enjoyable conversation with our representative, the balance is resolved and credit unaffected; wouldn’t you consider going back to Dr. John Doe the next time you needed medical services?  That is our goal.  Benefit our clients by giving the type of service that helps them retain their patient or customers, and benefit consumers by showing the quality of care they deserve.

Do you have questions about our services, or comments on your experience?  You too can be added to our testimonials page.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are here to help!

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