A KLS Love Story

In 28 years of business, KLS has helped a lot of people through the process of paying their debts, understanding their credit scores, and building a better financial future. When opening a collection agency in 1990, Kim Smith knew that there would always be a negative cloud hovering overhead with the many stigmas associated with the industry she had grown a passion for. She wasn’t going to let this stop her from her continued efforts at helping people. She has always wanted consumers to know that we are not as scary as others might make us out to be. Instead, our team cares about adding that human element. We know that each and every person we talk to is a person with their own lives, struggles, and stories. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to highlight one of these stories; a KLS love story:

One afternoon, about five years ago, Kim was working late, and a young man walked into the office looking for someone to help him figure out a past due balance he found on his credit report. Kim pulled him into her office, sat him down and began discussing the bill with him. As they spoke, he shared with her his story. He had found the love of his life and wanted to propose. He had plans to take his future bride to Charleston, SC where he would ask her to accept him in her life forever. However, before he felt comfortable doing that, he wanted to make sure he was financially responsible as he had always considered this an important trait in a good husband. Wanting to make sure his soon to be fiance was with a man she deserved, he came prepared to pay the collection account on his report.

As she has always taught her employees to do for our consumers, Kim took the time to discuss his situation and options. This led to securing him a settlement offer, approving a complete credit retraction and helping him improve his credit. Thanks to the money he saved in the settlement, he had enough money left to make the engagement weekend extra special! Kim, growing up in Charleston, even offered up some of her favorite places in the area where he could take his fiancée and even places he might want to pop the question!

That might have been the end of an already interesting story, however five years later, Kim looked up to this same man knocking on her office door. It just so happened that he was working nearby and recognized our name as he passed by. He wanted to stop by to thank Kim for all she had done for him and let her know that the woman from five years ago said yes that weekend in Charleston. Not only that, but they were still happily married, expecting their second child, and he maintained an excellent credit score!

We love happy endings like these, which warm the heart and help us stay motivated. Our team isn’t just here to do a job – we always take time for you and make an effort to help.

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