I am a Debt Collector- Employee Spotlight!

This month, we were given a challenge here at KLS Financial: write an “I Am” poem. We wanted to give our collectors a bit of perspective so we told them to write two poems.  The first would be called “I am a debtor” and the second, “I am a debt collector.”  Putting yourself in other’s shoes is important so that we understand we are human and we all have similar insecurities and struggles.  Instead of writing a blog post this month, I want to highlight a collector’s perspective of being a debt collector:

“I am a Debt Collector”

by: Sharlene Scott

I am a debt collector.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

I hear the voice of security for me and my family.

I see happiness and sadness at the same time.

I want to be a child again.

I pretend my parents are still alive.

I feel love all around me.

I touch a stack of gold bars.

I worry about my children.

I cry for my parents that are no longer with me.

I am a debt collector.

I understand things happen for a reason.

I say “Karma’s a b@$%#”

I dream about my future.

I try to be the best possible me I can be.

I hope that I am someone that people can look up too.

I am a debt collector.

I fear not succeeding.

I love my family.

I enjoy my job.

I need to succeed and do well.

I am a debt collector.

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