Thoroughly Thankful

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought to ourselves, what better time to highlight some of the many (many!) reasons why our employees are thankful to be a part of the KLS family? You may have already read my own glowing endorsement in March’s post, but today I’m passing the mic and giving another member of our team the opportunity to lend a bit of insight into why KLS holds such a special place in the hearts of its staff. Check out this tearjerking, turkey testimonial!

“Last year I was working multiple jobs and still struggling financially in Portland, Oregon, as the cost of living there was astronomical. I knew I needed to move back to North Carolina, but before that happened I needed to secure a job and a place to live. Moving cross country is an extremely stressful endeavor but Kim, Brian, and Jessica made that process so easy for me by communicating with me regularly by phone and email. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders as everything else with the move just kind of fell into place effortlessly. I walked through the doors here the day after I arrived from the 3000 mile journey and immediately knew this was the right place to be.

All of my life, I’ve been notoriously disorganized. Since I started working at KLS that has changed in ways that I did not think were possible. This includes at work and at home. I’ve become a happier, more relaxed and more confident person ever since. I can hardly recognize myself from where I was before starting here. Working here has helped me learn to stay focused, stay organized, and slow down so that I can be more methodical. With my collection manager’s and everyone else’s help I’m slowly rising to the challenge, despite these being concepts I’ve struggled to wrap my head around in the past. I still have a long ways to go, especially if I want to reach the next level, but I have no doubt I’ll get there because this company has already made the impossible possible for me.

Friends are something that I never take for granted and as I get older, friendships become shorter in supply. With that in mind, everyone here at KLS does such a good job of fostering a friendly environment where people can get along no matter what their background. Each person I’ve met is so cool and unique in their own way. I have so much fun working and talking with everyone around me daily. I think we’ve all likely worked jobs in the past that were ‘cliquey’ and at times maybe even hostile. I can say with confidence that has never been the case for me here. I could write a paragraph for each individual person here about how awesome they are.

I wish everyone could have a job as great as mine at KLS. It would solve every problem in the world. We’d all get along, be more organized, know how to manage our finances better – and have access to the coldest and most delicious drinking water on earth. The hardest days here are better than best days anywhere else I’ve worked. Every day that I walk through the doors of this office is a blessing. Thank you KLS.” –Steffan, Change Agent

Are you thankful for a great experience you had with one of our representatives? Don’t hesitate to let us know! We love nothing more than to hear positive consumer feedback and continue to grow our testimonials page. For KLS, changing the face of collections begins with our employees – we strive to foster the happiest and most compassionate work environment possible in order to ensure that all of that positivity translates through to the services we provide. So if you ever decide that you’d like to join the KLS team, give us a call! We’ll save you a spot at the table.

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